How to avoid the biggest mistake of your life!

During this pandemic, we have all seen property prices starting to skyrocket.  With less property for sale and more people wanting to invest/downsize or get into the market there has become a bit of a buying on some property.

Over the years I have seen time and time again clients who are dazzled by professional property styling and make emotional decisions on a property without  a professional, independent second opinion. Of course,  not everyone needs help deciding if the space will work for them and/or their family. Nor will they need help deciding what to take with them, get rid of or how will it fit or work in the new home...but in my years of experience some people really do.

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For most people their home will be their biggest investment. It will be either a source of joy or disappointment for years to come. Hope, fully joy! I will say though sadly, too often I meet with clients because the house doesn't suit their needs and they have been living unhappily for years in spaces that don't suit their needs.

Here are the 3 issues I see often:

  1. They can't visualise how big a space is and if their furniture will fit. They don't take any actual measurements to fit in 'keepers'.
  2.  They know their old furniture won't suit the new place but get paralysed 
     about making decisions and end up moving in a whole heap of things   they end up hating upon arrival.
  3. They didn't look closely at the finishes eg carpet, lighting, paint and when they move in they realise they sometimes look old dated and damaged.

What you can do about this?

Ask a professional to come and look at a house prior to purchase.  This can be an interior designer or even a trusted architect if you are planning on renovating. I can't stress enough how this simple step can save you money, time and heartbreak in the long run.  An expert with a fantastic mind's eye will be able to see past the styling or current owners furniture and give you an honest opinion of what is possible. It's taking the emotion out of it and giving it a practical once over.

If you have lots of furniture, artwork or other pieces you don't want to get rid of an interior designer will be able to help you decide if they will suit your new place and then help you with new pieces if you need it.

Make sure you ask questions and be honest about what you want to keep or are looking for in a new home. Think about how you live and entertain. Do you have a large family, how many kids do you have and what age are they, are you neat and tidy, how much storage do you need..really I could go on but you get the idea.

Lastly, I will say that a good reason to get a second opinion is because a design expert will be able to see the lovely things that perhaps you can't. Things that can be built upon and made to look and feel like home. They can work magic with colour, lighting, flooring, furniture art and more that can transform what you might think is a drab dump. 

So don't be afraid to ask!

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