How To Use Mirrors at Home

Using mirrors in interiors is not new, we all know that. But do you ever wonder where you should put one, what sort of mirror and how to hang it? There are lots of types and sizes of mirrors but there is an art to getting it right. Here are a few tips:

Ditch that TV over the mantel!

There are some great spots to put a mirror. There seems to be a fashion to put a television above a fireplace mantel. Personally, I'm not a fan. A fireplace mantel is a great place to add a really beautiful mirror (in place of an artwork for example) and some special ceramics or pieces that you have collected. It creates a focal point for that room instead of the big black box. It doesn't matter whether it is a modern home or traditional, just choose something that is in scale to the size of fireplace and wall. If in doubt go bigger rather than smaller. They can be hung or even sit on the mantel.

The entry into your home is your first impression!

I find that this is a area that is often neglected by clients. but it is the first thing visitors see and if you come in via your front door, it's the first thing that greets you as well. A mirror in this space whether a small hallway or large entry bounces light back into a space and is somewhere for a last minute lippy check. In a small hallway where it is not possible to stand back and see an artwork a mirror works a treat.

little bowerbird mirrors

The dining room reflected!

In small dining rooms or large, mirrors can work really well. In small spaces they can help with the problem of those sitting opposite a wall or in a tight corner. They are seeing the reflected room behind them and also bounces light back to them. In large spaces where you might need a large artwork but can't afford it, often a large mirror might be a more affordable option, but works better because of the scale to the room. Go big!

A mirror above a sideboard or console in a dining room also gives you the opportunity to add some lamps either side of it to reflect that light back into the room. It creates a lovely symmetry and simple but stylish look to a dining room. It suits all sorts of interiors, see below:

Art for the bathroom or powder room!

Having helped clients with the details of new builds, I have noticed that mirrors for building companies are an afterthought. I prefer to think of them as art for the bathroom. So long as you have good ventilation and buy the right mirror there is no reason why you can't add a decorative mirror instead of the standard cut mirror with no frame. It can take an ordinary space and turn it into a wonderful surprise space in your home.

Don't be afraid to mix old and new. A vintage gilded mirror can look amazing in a modern bathroom. Or a modern round mirror in a more traditional home can work too. Think outside the square as you would with artwork or furniture.

I hope these ideas give you some fresh inspiration to adding mirrors into your home. Remember the same rule applies as artwork...don't hang it too high and get the scale right. Small mirrors on big walls will get lost unless they are grouped with other artworks and have a beautiful frame. They can then become part of a great gallery wall.

As usual, this is the part where I mention my access to lots of beautiful mirror suppliers. Give me a call if you need help finding something lovely for your space.

Joc xx

Principal designer

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