3 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home For Christmas Guests!

During this festive season, I have been lucky enough to attend a few parties at friends homes. It has reminded me of how stressful it can be having lots of people over and all the planning prior to the event.

Understandably but I think we would all agree, stupidly, we all worry about what other people will think of our home and level of tidiness! It's crazy that we obsess over it but I guess we just all want to put our best food forward and also make our friends feels special by making an effort.

Here are my top 3 ways of making an impression and refreshing your entertaining area without breaking the bank:

  1. De-clutter.  It is time to have a really good look around and ask yourself honestly what can be put away. Sometimes, when we look at a space everyday we no longer see what is in front of us. A good old fashioned tidy make a world of difference to both you and your guests. In the lead up to Christmas it is also nice to go on holidays and come back to a tidy house for the new year!
  2. Have your sofa professionally cleaned and buy new scatter cushions. Sweat, food and drink stains, dog/cat marks are all unsightly and a professional clean will work wonders on making the room feel fresh and new again. Don't be afraid of going with a pop of colour with the cushions, if you are worried about what to choose, pick some colours out of the closest or more dominant artwork in the room and go with that. It's the easiest way to pull a room together.

4. Add a new rug. Rugs have never been easier or cheaper to buy.  My most          important suggestion is however to invest in the best where you can.  Rugs        are one of those things people buy and then don't replace for 30 years, take        a beating and tend to be overlooked.  Rug fabrication has come a long way in      the last few years and I often specify an indoor/outdoor rug for my clients.

Some outdoor rugs, made of recycled plastics, are handwoven and incredibly soft underfoot...so much so that you would never know it was plastic. They can be hosed, take a beating from the sun and not fade, kid and pet proof, and when your best friend spills a glass of red wine on it..it's not a problem! Perfect for Christmas parties.

I particularly love the new Baya outdoor rugs, this stripe comes in a few different colours too.

Now, go forth and entertain and don't be afraid of colour friends, accessories like cushions and rugs and not a forever item and can be changed easily when trends change.

Give me a buzz if you need advice :)

Joc x
Principle Designer

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