3 ways to do a non-traditional Christmas look!

Red and Green. Ho hum.


Actually, I'm kidding, I love a little traditional red and green but sometimes it's just nice to mix it up a little. Brisbane News magazine asked me to do a Christmas photo shoot and story about table settings a few years ago...so I did black, white and yellow! The photographer loved it and the feedback was fantastic, just goes to show that sometimes the unexpected can bring real excitement to the big day.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your Christmas theme this year. I like to follow it through with my gift wrapping, decorations, ribbons and even choice of food and drinks but well, I am a little OCD like that. My friends often laugh at my over co-ordination of outfits with jewelry and shoes, what do they expect!

How about blue and orange?

Blue and orange are complementary colours, meaning they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, which is why they look so good together...so why not? Clementines are a traditional Christmas fruit but are a winter treat in Australia so why not substitute with oranges?

Mix it back with your gold or silver cutlery and simple white plates. A beautiful summery feel, especially if you are having seafood!

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Walter G table setting

Australian Christmas

Australian native flora and fauna has never been so hotly in fashion. Finally the cultural cringe seems to have subsided. This is great news for those wanting an inexpensive way to decorate their home this festive season. Most of us can find a local park with stunning eucalyptus or other natives that they can pinch a bit of. They are long lasting and create a stunning simple natural look.

Teamed back with rope, twine, natural ribbon, craft paper, candles and glass votives, you have an instant classic Australian look. Why not try making your own stamped place mats from card or add some rosemary stems or cinnamon sticks to your tied up fabric napkins to complete the look. Nothing smells more like Christmas than cinnamon!

Little Bowerbird Interiors

Naudic rustic

I've always loved pattern, especially gingham! How happy am I that it has had a bit of a revival this year. In Naudic interiors it has never gone out of style so why not a little black and white checks for this Christmas, I think you can agree that it's pretty striking!

If you are a bit handy on the machine, there is no reason why you couldn't whip up your own runner and napkins (gingham is so readily available to buy) if you are anything like me a straight line on the sewing machine is the only thing I am good at! If you want to throw some colour in, try going for emerald green or yellow to really make it pop.

Well, there you have 3 different themes you could try this year for the Christmas table. The key to making whatever you choose look fantastic is more is more with Christmas! Layering is key, place mats, charger plates, napkins, glassware, lights, candles, decorations hanging from branches...you get the idea.

Most importantly, your Christmas table setting and lunch is about making your family and friends feel welcome and loved. Be generous and it will come back to you 10 fold...

Joc xx

principle designer


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