Time poor executive? You need a LifeStyler!

Is it just me or does life just seem to get busier and busier all the time? Time these days is considered a luxury...when did that happen? Whether you work for someone else or run your own business, it always seems like it's your personal life, home life and relationships that suffer.

Wouldn't it be brilliant to have some help to get on top of those things that you keep putting off or procrastinating about or simply don't have time to get to? Yes!!!!! A 'partner' but without the 'benefits'? Yeah, yeah, but what's the point I hear you say! Getting back the luxury of time, that's the point. Your time is better spent going for a ride with mates or going on a hot date!

 Next year as part of our interior design services we will be offering tailored services to professional, time poor men. This service is called The LifeStyler. Our clients are predominately executives or time poor business owners, single but not always, and in need of someone to help them run their home life.

Services will include:

Interior design

From post divorce/relationship set up including everything from white goods to beds, kitchen equipment, sheets, towels, sofas, outdoor furniture etc to small apartment makeovers if you just need a fresh look and a few new pieces of furniture and everything in between. Art consulting and investing and even just home de-cluttering and re-styling. We are passionate about creating a home that helps you live the life you want and is a refuge for your down time.

 Personal concierge services

There really is no task to big or small, a one on one consultation will establish what you need help with and then a service designed for you. Whether it's a one off garage/office/pantry tidy or weekly service that might include shopping for groceries and unpacking them, picking up dry cleaning, getting the dog washed. We can organise you a cleaner, weekend away, dinner party or work event, research the best hotels for a big holiday, book you an amazing restaurant and organise gifts or flowers.

 LifeStyle services

We have collected a fantastic stable of experts in their field to help you with other things that you may have been thinking about. Fitness programs tailored to you, your fitness level and injuries. Sommelier to advise you on adding to your wine collection or filling your cellar. Executive Life Coach to help you navigate personal and business issues. Private chef for outstanding dinner parties and events. Personal fashion styling to help you update your look and feel your best. Personal gift shopper for family, friends and staff. Dating advice and tips and a whole lot more to come!

Men's bedroom    

So why would you hire a LifeStyler?

 We know you hate shopping and organising 'boring stuff' . So, it comes down to what you value your time at and what you are missing out in life by getting caught up in the small but important things. We can't wait to show you how we can save you not only time but money and even relationships by getting some behind the scenes help, a home PA! It's an amazing way to feel like you are taking back control of your life, and creating head space for more important things like running a successful business or spending more time with your kids and friends or focusing on your health.

The LifeStyler Australia

 If you would like to learn more about what we will be offering next year or feel like you have a special service that would be of value, please don't hesitate to get in touch. There is a website underway for the LifeStyler here.

 Joc Ridgway

Principal Designer and The LifeStyler

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