Will You Cut the Mustard in 2019?

Interior design like fashion moves quickly these days! We see it as interior designers at furniture launches, Kmart copies it cheaply 3 months later and then the furniture companies move on to a new look! So how will your home cut the mustard next year?!!

Here are a few new trends for 2019 from one of our favourite furniture suppliers Globe West. We love their modern contemporary style and ability to produce ranges that although are 'on trend' will stand the test of time.


The use of timber never goes out of style and here we see it with the 1970's comeback of woven cane in the chairs. Perfect for Australian living conditions. We love it here with the Aura bubble wool rug, another natural element. Cane plants are back in fashion too!

Mellow 70's revival

I'm not sure I could have predicted the return of the 1970's interior design, but here we see it reflected in the most subtle of ways, it's more about style, scale and materials than replicating it. We are seeing the best of the 70's trends not the worst! It's the chunky rounded arms, woven cane, terrazzo, indoor plants, pattern and colour palette that we love.

Little Bowerbird Interiors

Modern Contemporary

Modern shapes that play with the balance of negative and positive spaces. Fine legs on chairs and chunky table tops in dark colours for example. Uncluttered rooms with signature pieces such as the new drinks cabinet...why did these ever go out of fashion, we love them! Aperol spritz anyone!!?? This is simple yet stylish living, letting quality furniture and artwork doing all the talking.

Little Bowerbird Interiors

So there you have 3 looks that will continue to be strong in 2019 but will certainly stand the test of time as well. Globe West has had last minute deliveries so you may be able to snag that piece you need prior to Christmas, give me a call if there is anything I can help you with, Australia wide ... meanwhile don't forget to follow our instagram feed for other last minute available products...

Joce xx

principal designer

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