What on earth does Modern Rustic mean?

I remember a time when everyone just followed the same interior design trend and the decades were distinguishable by their homes and fashion. I think those days are gone. There will always be a defining trend for each decade and I think patterned ceramic tiles might end up being ours but trends just change so quickly now that the world has become so much smaller. Milan sneezes and Australia catches a design cold within a month.

It's not bad but it does mean that you need to be clear on what your long term likes are otherwise you can spend a fortune on a 70's inspired chandelier and have serious regret in 2 years when we go back to Scandi again. Let's have a look at some of the styles over the next few weeks that are around at the moment.


I like this style, it incorporates natural finishes, matt timbers in soft finishes. Mango wood and teak are common as is cane. It looks warm and friendly, and is user friendly with little kids. It suits a variety of homes and sits well in a coastal or farm environment. Textiles are soft french linens, cotton, flax, bamboo.

Cane pendants are really popular at the moment. For lighting they are relatively inexpensive so a good choice for adding a modern rustic look to your home. Plus they throw nice light. Black or natural both look good but black can look stunning if you have high ceilings or are looking for a statement piece.

This image is from our lovely supplier INARTISAN , they have a beautiful selection of teak and cane furniture. I particularly love the round dining table in a few sizes. Contact me for prices. The cane pendants above are also available.

Modern rustic kitchen

This is one of my favourite all time kitchens! I love the combination of new materials and timber on the bench and open shelves. I'm also a huge fan of a stunning artwork in the kitchen, why not!

The best part of a modern rustic interior is you can mix in with modern furniture. A big rustic old table looks stunning with modern chairs either inside or outside. These older pieces have such a story to tell and really add soul to a otherwise modern interior that can look all `store bought' and clinical. The image below is with a beautiful rustic style rug. Next to this new kitchen it feels warm and family orientated.

If you love timber and cane and are looking for new pieces, shoot me an email I have plenty of suppliers that will suit your style. These are certainly harder to find as your run of the mill furniture retailers will be using mostly cheap veneers and shiny gloss on everything. The Rustic Modern interiors is for those of you who appreciate the texture and feel of furniture and accessories as well as the look.

Click here to see our new supplier ARTISAN for indoor, outdoor furniture, cane pendants and baskets and metal servers etc. Soooo beautiful! And don't be afraid to get in touch for details.

Joc xx

Principal Designer/Director

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