Let's go back to the 1970's with Indoor plants!

It's been a few years but indoor plants are not going anywhere!

Clients ask me about these all the time, wondering if they should dip their toe back into the 1970's. We have memories of indoor ferns, trailing plants, palms and the rest, if feels funny to look back to our parents homes but it's all back and in a big way. I have to admit, I love a bit of indoor greenery, they add life to any room and most a fairly easy to look after, even for those with no green thumb at all.

The key is to put them into a great pot or basket, grouping works and think outside the square, we all love a orchid but there is so many options, it's fun to go for the unusual. If you read last weeks blog, I mentioned how they can become a real Hero piece in a room as well. You can read my last blog post here.

Here are a few new looking indoor plants that are big for 2018/19

1. The Sabre Fig.

Step aside fiddle leaf, your cousin is here, the long tooth Sabre fig. With the over use of the Fiddle Leaf in interiors is was only a matter of time that this guy came along, it has a slightly Australian native look and is very robust.

2. Mini Monsteria

We all the love the giant one but they can be big and overwhelming. The mini one is perfect for small spaces and apartments. They look fantastic in all sorts of pots and grouped together with other bushier plants.

3. Watermelon Peperomia

As the nickname suggests the leaf looks like a mini watermelon, this plant is really cute! This a more compact little plant perfect for bathrooms or kitchens, be careful to keep watered or the succulent stems will wilt.

So that's my top 3 choices for new and exciting indoor plants. I've added some more images to our instagram page to inspire you. If you need help choosing something or sourcing cute pots you can get in touch here.

Weekend planting here we come!

 joc xx

Principal Designer

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