Rugs. Where do you start?

Rugs. They are a significant investment that you live with everyday, and ever so obvious if you get it wrong! So how do you choose the right one for you? There a few factors to think about before you start shopping.

1.  Size.

This is the number one mistake I see people make over and over. Usually people buy a rug way too small. We all know that rugs can be expensive and paying good money for something that everyone is going to walk all over is hard.  Still, a small rug makes your room look smaller, your furniture

disconnected from the room and when the weather turns cooler really is no help at all warming up a space.  Believe me it's worth spending the extra money and getting the bigger size. Your furniture should either be completely on it or the front legs on it. Here are some diagrams with optimal layouts.

Rug placement 

2.  Fabric

Have you ever walked into one of those cheap rug shops? The smell of synthetic materials and chemicals is overwhelming. Now I'm not saying don't buy a rug with a synthetic component., if you have little kids who spill, then that's what you should be looking at but try and get something with a combination of wool or cotton if you can. Silk is also beautiful in a rug if you can afford it. Jute rugs can also be beautiful in a coastal type or modern home, are durable and look good with other natural materials. Just keep in mind if the area is high or low traffic and buy accordingly.

3.  Pattern

Can you mix and match patterns? Yes you can! Don't be afraid of buying a rug with a pattern. The key is to buy a pattern that will compliment the other textiles in the room, for example cushions or bedding. Another way to select a pattern rug is to look for a recurring pattern or colour in you artwork. If you are afraid of too many patterned cushions then a rug with a pattern can look fabulous and really add depth to the room. Remember good interior design is about layering.

4.  Rug placement

There is a rug for everywhere these days.  Outdoor rugs have been around for a little while but certainly the quality has got better. Dash & Albert, our new rug supplier has a stunning range of rugs from wool and cotton through to these brilliant indoor/outdoor rugs. These outdoor rugs can work perfectly in a sunny position inside or out to combat fading. Contact me here to arrange a time to view the range.


There is lots to think about when purchasing a rug, some clients have said to me that they have trouble finding something they like. It's true that some of the best rugs come from trade only sources so if you are looking to invest in some new floor coverings please don't hesitate to get in touch. We have numerous suppliers and can guide you into buying the rug that best suits your home and lifestyle.

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 Joc x

Principal Designer and Director

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