My Secret Number One Styling Tip!

Those before and after shots of interior styling make it look so easy doesn't it? Well, I can't give you the magic bullet to make your room look like something straight off The Block but I can give you my number one secret styling tip that I use in every interior.

The Hero.

Here's what you need to know. Every room needs a Hero piece. Something that will delight and surprise. That talking piece that your friends notice straight away. It is amazing to me how many rooms I can walk into and there is nothing for your eye to land on. Is your room just full of small knick knacks? Or maybe tiny furniture in a huge room? Does it just feel like it's missing something?

Your hero might be an over sized sofa, giant painting, stunning feature wall in paint or wallpaper, bright big rug, assortment of plants or huge palm in a pot.

TIP: When introducing large artworks like these, you can pick out colours to introduce tones into the rest of your room, or even a recurring pattern, it will give your room a cohesive feel.

TIP: Get out your old grannies sideboard and repaint in a striking colour, or invest in an unusual piece, it might cost more but if it's something you love you will have it forever.

Nothing says bold like a statement rug. Pick one in tones that are colours you have always loved not what is hot right now. The key is to also pick a pattern that suits your style of furniture, for example this floral pattern can suit various interiors from farmhouse to Queenslander. Stick with one look, research your style and go with it.

So, you can't afford the giant sofa or the expensive artwork? Why not try some big indoor plants, palms or fiddle leafs are low maintenance and I just love these indoor fruiting trees. They keep your air clean and create height in a room, which is often lacking.

indoor fruit trees

 TIP: If your room is looking flat, think about it in terms of vertical and horizontal. What is missing is probably height. Try a tall portrait artwork or plant.

Whatever your hero piece is, you will know it when you see it. It will be something you adore or splurged on. Make sure to give it some breathing room so you can see it and if it's an artwork, make sure to not hang it too high!

 If you are looking for a stage stealing piece, please get in touch and I will help you source it. Believe me it will make a massive difference to your room and your life!

Joc xx

Principal Designer/Director

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