Feature walls, are they out of date?

Probably one of the most dividing interior design features! I think we call all remember some terrible feature walls in the late 1980's and 1990's, eggplant purple, tomato red, turquoise...every room in the house or apartment had a different colour! People just lost their minds and went crazy! But can they work now? Let's look at the new trend of feature walls and what they can do for your space...

A feature wall can bring together a room full of mismatched furniture and styles.

Say you have some cane chairs, upholstered orange sofa, 1970's lamp, quirky artworks, multi colour rug... choosing a colour out of this rug and painting a feature wall can pull it all together and make it look like you did it all on purpose. You might have an amazing collection of indoor plants and go with that colour...

A feature wall can add depth to a room.

If your room is lacking a focal point, is an odd shape or has odd sized walls, picking one wall and making it a feature can take the emphasis off the others. It can also make window frames sing and draw your eye to an amazing view. Feature walls work particularly well in small powder rooms and ends of hallways.

Little Bowerbird Interiors feature walls

Feature walls can make architectural features really stand out, such as pitched ceilings.

High ceilings, big or small windows, dark floors, a feature wall can really make them an extra feature. They can help define open plan spaces, eg, living room from dining room.

Little Bowerbird Interiors feature walls

Artwork on a feature wall really pops!

Be it a single large artwork or a mismatched gallery wall, a beautiful feature wall can make your artwork look completely gallery worthy. Don't be afraid to use different colours, yellow, pink, forest green, cobalt.

Getting it wrong.... if you need advice on what colour to use, ask for advice. My other tip is, do a professional paint job or hire someone to to it. Amazing paintwork is key, and there is a real art to getting it right. So, are feature walls outdated? I say no, new modern homes can sometimes feel so cold, especially open plan spaces that are devoid of feeling. A feature wall can warm a room, act as an artwork in itself, and make more inexpensive prints or wall hangings look considered and designed. Give it a go!

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