One Easy Way to Find Your Design Style.

What is your interior design style? Have you ever thought about it? It's all very well to just follow the trends you see in the design magazines, but interiors fashions are just as fickle and short lived as clothing fashion.

The problem is that renovating your home using purely what's on trend today can make for very costly mistakes in even 3 years time. Then you will be looking at those expensive 70's style pendants and wondering what you were thinking!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a 70's style pendant light, but is it YOUR style? Does it go with the rest of your furniture of the architectural style of your home?

If your are doing a full renovation or even just updating a few pieces of furniture, it's wise to spend some time defining your personal taste and style. So, how do you do this?

There are lots of different ways but the easiest way is to compile a list of images then run through them and see what the recurring theme is. Pinterest is a great way to bookmark products, furniture, architecture and styles you love. Don't be afraid to just go ahead and save any little thing that takes your fancy. Clients are sometimes embarrassed to show me their clippings from magazines or their pinterest boards, I love it! It makes it easier for me to see the things they love and then I can help design an interior that will really be an expression of them.


So get pinning, it's easy to set up an account and fun too. Here is a link to my Pinterest account, there are over 10,000 images and boards for you to explore, every month over 24,000 people view and repin my collection, so it's a great place to start you design journey.

I'd love to help you create the life and home you want, if you need personalised help discovering your style give me a call or send me a message, I'd love to hear from you and see what you have pinned!

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