How to find your creative side in 2020: and yes, everyone has one!

Every Christmas holiday break I make sure to spend some time reflecting on the past year and envisaging some new goals for the coming one. It's not something I have to force, as a creative person the ideas are always bubbling away, but some time out of the office gives me the head space to formulate some ideas. One of the things I reflected upon was how many people I talk to who tell me they have no creative side!

First of all let's look at what your definition of creative is. The dictionary defines it as 'relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something'. As you can see it does not mean you must be a master painter, ceramicist, or sketcher. You might be fantastic at floral arranging, baking, inventing or starting a new business. Let's not assume that creativity is the sole domain of the artist! Creativity does not mean that you have to be 'on trend' or know what is in fashion, simply following your heart and opening your mind to allow yourself to daydream is a good start. Stop telling yourself that you can't is another....that's just a story you are making up. Embrace vulnerability and perfection, perfection is the killer of creativity. It's ok to be 'good enough'.

So why is daydreaming and creativity important and why am I so passionate about it?
It's important to have a creative side to let your imagination loose. Without daydreaming and using your imagination we stop our dreams or goals, we stifle our purpose and authentic selves. I can't tell you how many people I know who have denied themselves creative thoughts telling themselves that it's a waste of time or frivolous. Creatives and dreamers are the ones who move us forward in the human race, they dream it and make it a reality. When you allow yourself to be creative you have a surge of energy, confidence and will feel engaged in your life instead of sleepwalking through it!
The hard part of living a creative life.

Uncertainty. It takes a brave person to live a creative life. You are putting your ideas, imagination and often blood, sweat and tears out on show for the world to see. Holy crap that is scary! You have to learn to accept criticism, indifference and uncertainty about the outcomes. But I wouldn't live any other way. Enjoy the process and be proud that you are doing something for you. Let me tell you there is a lot of deep breaths and tears but there are also amazing feelings of happiness as well. When my clients are happy with my work, there is no better feeling! 'Choosing courage over comfort' is the key. (Thanks Brene Brown for the quote!

Thought I'll leave you with:

If you are feeling restless, bored, dull and disconnected, ask yourself if you have given up on any of your desires and dreams. What did you do as a child that you have given away as an adult? What is blocking you from starting that side hustle, buying an easel, sewing your own clothes? Just start, then fail and then start again. Creativity is simply a practice, believe me, when you start you will find your passion. It might be different from what you thought it would be but if you remain open it will come to you.

Joce x

Principal Designer

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