How To Console Yourself!

First impressions count, we all know that! Have you got a drab entryway to your home with no soul?

One great way to create a welcoming space is t add a console. A narrow table that is really a great way to add some interested to a entry, hallway, a room divider behind a sofa or even just in a small living space.

I love this console by Globe West, it's simple in style but just so beautiful and a perfect vehicle for some added decorative items.

The key to using a console is to create `Vignettes' of interesting objects. You might start with something tall like the artwork, a tall plant or a vase of flowers. Then cluster your beautiful objects at either end.

The old designers trick of using odd numbers comes into play here. For example, a group of 3 vases of varying heights or 5 stacked books. Lamps also look great on console tables. A great way to bring a softer light into your living room without finding room for a freestanding lamp.

Don't be afraid to perhaps use one kickass item, for example this giant cactus gives both height and really offsets the console table beautifully.

This console by Globe West is an artwork in itself. It doesn't really need much `dressing up' perhaps a simple stack of architectural books and a lamp would certainly be a statement. It would also be good in a bigger living room, you need some distance to stand back and get the full effect.

There's a huge range of console tables around french provincial style to modern timber like the one below. They suit all sorts of homes and give you somewhere to display beautiful items you may have collected on your travels or simply a few shells and a piece of driftwood from the are only limited by your imagination.

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