How To Be Productive in 2019!

By now you have read a million articles in your feeds about creating a new start in 2019. I know I have, but what practical advice have they given you?

I want to start with your work space. Today is my first day back at work and I'm starting with tidying up my desk. Whether you work in an office or from home, a clean, clear desk and empty(ish) in tray is really vital for starting a new year. Lets talk why?
De-cluttering your workspace

Productivity. In a word. It is well documented that a clean, clear environment either at the office or at home or really important for being productive and creative. A chaotic, cluttered environment can be a clear indicator or what is mentally happening in a work space both at home and in an commercial office. Do you need better systems in place? Do you need a staff member who runs the systems in your office? Do you need someone to set those systems up for you? An outsider can often see things with a fresh set of eyes, work out how to set these systems up, solve problems to keep the clutter at bay and help you be you or your team be at their best.

The result? Less distractions, less time looking for lost paperwork, less time wasting, happier you and staff. All these things equal better business, better mental health, less stress, more creativity and productivity, more money!

Making your space inviting, beautiful and practical is a great place to start. If you are sitting at a desk all day why shouldn't it be something you love! Adding a great lamp, beautiful rug, armchairs, artwork... these are all things that create a space that you want to go to every day and don't you at home or your staff at work deserve it? That's a big yes!

Little Bowerbird Interiors

I really want to see you productive and mentally ready for 2019. If you need assistance creating a work space either at home or in your office, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I can help you de-clutter your space, develop some systems to keep it working well and refresh your look at home or even your office away from home. Sometimes all it needs is some re-configuring, new furniture and a lick of paint to get you on track to a successful new year!

Joc x

Principal Designer/Director

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