3 Stylist Tips to Turn your House into a Home.

Since I started helping people with the interiors of their home I've noticed something. People have started throwing away their personal belongings. In the age of modern architecture and interiors, minimalism and new shiny 'things' have taken over where collectibles used to be.

I'm not saying I don't love new furniture or decorative items but this can leave your house looking like any old person is living there, not necessarily you! In this age of disposable homewares and the cycle of trends getting faster and faster what can you do to make you house feel like your home?

1. Stop throwing out your collectibles.

Yes, this includes your snow domes, books, artworks, rugs, mini Eiffel Tower from Paris, sketch of yourself from a street artist in Berlin, favourite kids artwork, rickety baskets, that collection of blue glass vases, grandma's set of Japanese cups and Granddad's set of Zinc beer tankards. Inherited your mum's set of copper pots? Great! Have a think about how you can display them in your kitchen. Nothing says new home, with everything chosen by an interior designer, than a lack of personal items. An eclectic interior says something about your, your family and how you live. Now that's a home.

I love this collection of Kokedama plants!

2. Learn how to curate your collections...vignettes, it's not a salad dressing!


A vignette is simply a small curated style statement. There are a few tricks to getting this right but it's simply a matter of putting together some of your collectibles into a spot to make them shine. They can include art, books, found objects, vases, flowers or whatever you have to display. Colour blocking is one easy way to get it right, using one particular colour range. Or types, like an all nautical theme. But use your imagination and get your creative on, or you can hire some help...like me! (Shameless, I know!)

Here are a couple of ideas for you, don't forget, they don't have to be fussy or over styled.


Bowerbird vingnette

3. Bring your garden inside.

I know everyone is on about indoor greenery but I really believe that no room is complete without some sort of indoor plant. Big or small, go for scale in each room. Get some flowers for the middle of your dining room table every week, even if you are just getting a bunch of lilies from Coles or choosing some stems of green from your garden. Use that beautiful vase you got as a wedding gift and treat yourself, I like to think they are an act of self love, you're worth it! They create a living, breathing entity into a space like nothing else can. If you have very little in the way of collectibles, these can certainly inject life into a spartan room. Pick some interesting pots or baskets and get yourself to your local nursery for advice on what will fair the best in your house.

Well I hope I've given you a few tips of making your house into a home that reflects your personality. Being an interior designer I shouldn't probably criticise other designers but if you have not had a meeting in your current home so the designer can see where your passions lie, explore your collections, art, rugs or kitchen cookbooks well leafed, then I would be asking yourself if you will be getting a interior design that reflects you and will help you live your best life...something to think about!

I'd love to help you design a home that you adore. Feel free to check out my resources here, contact me here or follow us on instagram for all our latest adventures and updates!

joc x

Principal Designer


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