3 Key Ways to Decorate with Black & White!

Don't get me wrong, I like neutrals. There is nothing I love more than a all white modern crisp interior. I personally think though that Australia has lost its colour mojo. We say we like colour yet, I think most homes are built with resale in mind and the beige decorating rears its ugly head. If you are going to omit the colour and stick with neutrals, lets look at black and white!

Here's some tips to make it work:-

1. Texture is important

Choosing a limited colour palette such as black and white calls for picking soft furnishings with texture. Cushions are best when they come in a chunky cotton or soft silk or crisp linen.

Rugs with a pattern work really well in black and white, there are plenty of Moroccan style rugs with geometric type patterns in chunky weave. A good interior should not only appeal visually but have a sensory element too.

Don't be afraid to add in something metallic like this brass lamp. Chrome, black matt metal, bronze...they all work with black and white.

Textures in interiors

2. Layering patterns

The good thing about black and white is that it make for very easy layering of pattern. My friends often laugh at me because I love to mix patterns, especially in what I wear, only yesterday I was wearing stripe pants with a spotty jumper. Patterns can come from fabrics to ceramics, that vase your mother gave you, a glass pendant throwing different light patterns on the ceiling.

Black and white floral with stripes, tribal motifs, geometric patterns together? Why not! Rules are meant for breaking and this look is striking. Just make sure you do it with gusto because you can in black and white. It works like no other colour combination does and suits modern to industrial to boho to Hampton's interiors.

Layering fabrics and furniture

3. Add something from nature

Black & White looks best when anchored with something from nature. Whether is some indoor plants for greenery, timber floors or some other timber features such as floating shelves, a coffee or dining table. Personally I think every home should have some plants inside, the greenery is calming and they purify the air. Win win!

Cane furniture in any sort of style from modern to Hamptons always looks good within a black and white interior. In a black and white room, something in natural timber will give your eye somewhere to land in a room. Try framing your black and white art or photography in timber frames for a touch of nature.

Indoor plants added to interiors

This post was inspired by the new catalogues I received today from some of my suppliers, if you'd like a look check out our instagram feed for some images of new L & M bedding and accessories, Mayvn Interiors furniture and INARTISAN furniture and accessories. There is lots of black and white!!

Joc xx

Principal Designer

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